News from Home / News from House

2005 | Documentary | Runtime 97' | Vidéo | Colour


Coffret Amos Gitai
7 DVD PAL Zone 2
StudioCanal (France)
Subtitles: French

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Abandoned by its Palestinian owner in the 1948 war; requisitioned by the Israeli government as vacant; rented to Jewish Algerian immigrants in 1956; purchased by a university professor who undertakes its transformation into a three-story house in 1980...
This West Jerusalem building is no longer the microcosm it once was 25 years ago. Its inhabitants dispersed, this common space has disintegrated, but remains both an emotional and physical center at heart of the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Concrete reality has transformed into scattered stories and memories. A new identity, a new diaspora, have evolved.
With News from Home / News from House, Amos Gitai completes the trilogy which began with 1980's House and continued in 1998's A House in Jerusalem. Creating a sort of human archeology, Gitai explores the relationships between the house's inhabitants, past and present, between Israelis and Palestinians. Each in his or her own way becomes a sign of the region's, the world's, destiny.

Screenplay Amos Gitai Cinematography Haim Asias Sound Ravid Dvir, Alex Claude, David Gillain Editing Isabelle Ingold Research Ayelet Tamari, Jamil Khoury Production Agav Films In association with ARTE (France/Germany), Artemis (Belgium), Agat Films (France), Sundance Channel (USA), RAI 3 (Italy), RTBF (Belgium), YLE (Finland), Hamon (Israel), The New Fund for Israeli Cinema (Israel), Second Channel (Israel), CNC (France) Producer(s) Amos Gitai, Michael Tapuach, Laurent Truchot, Patrick Quinet

Berlin International Film Festival / Berlinale 2006 - Presented at the International Forum of New Cinema
Paris : Cinéma du réel 2006 - Out-of-competition