2001 | Fiction | Runtime 90' | 35 mm | Colour


1 DVD PAL Zone 2
Manga Films (Spain)
Subtitles: Spanish
Coffret Amos Gitai, vol. 3 : Devarim, Yom Yom, Eden
3 DVD PAL Zone 2
Arte Vidéo (France)
Subtitles: English, French

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In 1939, Kalman, an ambitious young businessman, leaves Europe to join his sister Samantha in Palestine. She lives with Dov, an idealistic architect obsessed with the Bauhaus style. With their friends, they form a group, which discusses the future Israeli State. A loose adaptation of Arthur Miller's novel "Homely Girl, A Life".

"At the height of the Zionist movement, Gitai films this anglophone couple who have come to Palestine for idealistic reasons... Their roots remain in their native country. The couple is wrapped up in a claustrophobic intimacy and never really connects with the land of their ideals. Except for her: she loses her position in this male-dominated world but discovers a certain dignity in being herself, alone."
Toshi Fujiwara

Cast Samantha Morton, Thomas Jane, Luke Holland, Daphna Kastner, Danny Huston, Arthur Miller Screenplay Amos Gitai, Marie-José Sanselme, Nick Villiers, after Arthur Miller ("Homely Girl") Cinematography Renato Berta Sound Michel Kharat, Alex Claude, Cyril Holtz Editing Monica Coleman, Kobi Netanel Production design Eitan Levi, Thierry François Costumes Laura Dinulescu Casting Ilan Moscovitch Line producer(s) Laurent Truchot, Shuki Friedman, Kevin Gallagher Production Agav Hafakot (Israel), Les Films Balenciaga, Cinévia Films (France), TF1 International, FRK International, R&C Produzioni

Venice : Biennale di Venezia / Mostra d'arte cinematografica 2001 - In competition