Kippur, War Memories (Kippour, souvenirs de guerre)

1997 | Documentary | Runtime 120' | Super-8, Vidéo | Colour


Coffret Amos Gitai
7 DVD PAL Zone 2
StudioCanal (France)
Subtitles: French

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In 1973, during the Kippur War, an Israeli helicopter with a first-aid crew is shot down over the Golan Heights. There were seven men aboard, including Amos Gitai. Twenty years later, he meets up with the other crewmembers and returns to the location of the accident. It is a journey towards remembering a trauma and finding the scars it has left on the survivors.

"Each protagonist of the story has a different memory of the accident. So much so that every memory, every reconstruction of the accident testifies at the same time to its loss, its dispersal into lived experience, its disappearance in the very movement of recollection, into the fissures of memory, in order to survive."
Yann Lardeau, "Les Films d'Amos Gitai", unpublished

Cast Avner Hacohen, Zaki Zuriel, Uri Simchoni, Uzi Cantoni, Amos Gitai, Efratia Gitai, Ben Gitai, Keren Gitai Cinematography Emanuel Aldema, Ofer Cohen, Assi Rosek Editing Oren Medics Music Simon Stockhausen Production Agav Films, Intereurop (France), La Sept/Arte (France), TV1 (Israel) Producer(s) Laurent Truchot

Venice : Biennale di Venezia / Mostra d'arte cinematografica 1997 - UNESCO Award