The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness (La Guerre des fils de lumière contre les fils des ténèbres)

1993 | Runtime 90' | Vidéo | Colour


Guerre des fils de lumière contre les fils des ténèbres (La)
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Film of the opening theatrical event of the 55th exhibition of the Visual Arts Biennale in Venice, June 1993. The performance was based on the same sources as Metamorfosi di una melodia, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Flavius Josephus' War of the Jews.

"In the play I wanted to put interrogation points into the main text without mixing them into Josephus' text. The play establishes a kind of dialogue between blocks of texts. This is rather different from the usual form of dialogue where one character puts forward a fragment of discourse to which a second character then responds. Our method requires a more complex reading of the geometry of these texts carried by several narrators simultaneously. Geometry is a way of connecting fragments while allowing them to retain their own coherence, without mashing them into one "coherent" story. This also gives me an opportunity to present the tensions between a variety of languages and their historical contexts in a contemporary formation. In our modern interpretations of the text of Flavius Josephus, we keep a variety of languages, accents, intonations and so on, and we present the tensions between them. These tensions are a sign of twentieth century culture: people migrate across the surface of the earth and when they settle somewhere they express themselves in an often broken but unique manner."
Amos Gitai, in Yann Lardeau, "Les Films d'Amos Gitai", unpublished

Venice : Biennale di Venezia / Mostra d'arte cinematografica 1993 - Opening