American Mythologies

1981 | Documentary | Runtime 2 x 52' | 16 mm | Colour


American Mythologies
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Part 1: Rituals
Part 2: Elsewhere (aka Selling Time)

Conversations with Jane Fonda, Francis Ford Coppola, fashion designer Betsey Johnson and NBC's head of programming as well as with figures from the American "counterculture" in the early 1980s, when Ronald Reagan was elected president. The film is an examination of image in a consumer society. Cultural Celebrities (1979), which is not presented here, was a model for this film.

Cast Francis Ford Coppola, Jane Fonda, Betsey Johnson, Paul Klein Cinematography Valery Galprin, Yakov Saporta Sound Eugene Lynch, Udi Eghoise Editing Yussa Salminem Production Epidem (Finland), A.G. Productions (Israel)