Images After War / Après (Ahare)

1974 | Runtime 3'20" | Super-8 | Colour | Silent


Coffret Amos Gitai
7 DVD PAL Zone 2
StudioCanal (France)
Subtitles: French

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At his return from serving in the Yom Kippur war, during which he miraculously survived a helicopter crash, Amos Gitai directed this short feature in which he films, in a series of close ups, his torn and blood-stained uniform, as well as some drawings.

"It is the Yom Kippur war, (...) in which Amos Gitai, like the soldier Weinraub in Kippur, served as a crew member of a rescue helicopter. (...) Amos Gitai brought the camera along to the hospital and then home for his convalescence. There was no more war to film, but there was his memory and, more immediate and more physical, his combat suit, torn to pieces and stained with blood. It is hanging on the balcony on a washing line, as if left to dry. It is an image that recurs more insistently and in several reels, shot from all distances and angles. As if Gitai wanted to convince himself that he is no longer inside that suit, to make sure that he is really alive, safely 'out of shot'. At the same time, it appears like a sacred relic and a grotesque scarecrow, the waving ghost of a nightmare now over. The soldier Weinraub, lifeless, suspended, a monument and surrealist effigy to the absurdity of war. The director Gitai, out of shot, being born".
Alberto Farassino