Amos Gitai

Galerie Enrico Navarra / éditions Sébastien Moreu, Paris, 2016
540 pages
English, French

About this book

A 540-page book published by Galerie Enrico Navarra and Sébastien Moreu. July 2016.
The book includes more than 250 reproductions from movies and research, but also family archives and creations by Amos Gitai and 7 conversations between Gitai and: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Guy Amsellem, Arthur Miller, Hou Hanru, Annette Michelson, Richard Ingersoll, Elizabeth Lebovici & Stephan Levine), two poems (Mount Carmel and Lullaby to My Father) and a poetic essay on the Golem. Filmography.


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